Facebook and Our Blog United

Hey everyone,

I’m writing to inform you that I am trying this new Facebook app that will hopefully send our blog posts to our fan page and profile as new status updates. This will allow you to follow our blog from Facebook as well. Hopefully this will be a smooth transition. Thanks for all your support as we continue to learn new methods to bring you news about sales and new products.

If you didn’t already know, we have a National Craft Month Sale going on now until the end of the month. New items will be added weekly so hurry and check it out: https://www.craft-e-corner.com/c-146-sale-items.aspx

Read the whole post over at http://blog.craft-e-corner.com/

2 Replies to “Facebook and Our Blog United”

  1. Yeah!!! Just joined!!! Love you guys!!! Great Company to order from!!! Love your service!!

    msperry1008 says:

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