Craft-e-Corner’s Green Initiatives

Our Poly Mailers

What is a poly mailer? It’s a high-strength co-extruded envelope that is opaque, discreet, resists tampering, and keeps its contents safe and dry. Or it’s a clear postal approved envelope that allows your product to be seen even before opening.

Both can be custom sized and custom printed. Both are made with 25% post industrial content and are recyclable! Poly mailers can replace your current paper mailer, cardboard envelope and even corrugated boxes.

By doing this Craft-e-Corner has:

a) Helped reduce packaging weight making it cheaper for UPS and other postal services since it reduces the weight in the trucks. This means less fuel costs and less pollution from the shippers.

b) Reduced postage costs for you since these are lighter than paperboard products and Tyvek. The poly mailers are just as strong and can be made to custom sizes a lot more easily.

Other Initiatives

•we use thermal printers which burn an image on the shipping labels, avoiding having to use ink

Unfortunately we still use some paper and cardboard shipping products. However, internally we recycle our cardboard boxes and reuse printing paper completely. We encourage all of our customers to recycle their paper and cardboard from any of their purchases. We are consistently looking into new material to ship our products as we are dedicated to protecting the environment.

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