Littlest Crafters of Craft-e-Corner – Cleaning Our Earth

Craft-e-Corner enjoys their crafting products, but we also enjoy the wonderful world around us.  The littlest helpers of Craft-e-Corner took a break Thursday to make a difference.  Just as many across the world celebrated Earth Day, this group took to the local highway side to do a bit of clean up. 

Surprised by the amount of garbage they hauled in after 1 hour, this group of 5 collected not only garbage, but a passion to help take care of their earth!   The organizer of this cleanup (age 6) commented at the end of the day, “We can do this tomorrow, or EVERYDAY!”  What great enthusiasm. 

We’ll keep these photos and use the My Community and Give a Hoot cricut cartridges to keep these memories in our scrapbooks and the reminders of how we can help our world for years to come.

– Carrie
Craft-e-Corner Team

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