National Scrapbooking Day Around the Country May 1, 2010

March was National Scrapbooking Month so you’d think that National Scrapbooking Day would be in March too, but It isn’t. The day is commemorated on May 1st of this year. For an avid cropper, the date plants a seed of inspiration and sprouts into an event…all over America.

Searching the Web, it was interesting to see happenings from north to south. There are goody bags with fun for the taking at the Holiday Inn at Carle Place, New York and the Alaska State Fairgrounds. Bring your pajamas and an appetite for pizza if you crop in Saginaw, Michigan.

The Three Rivers Banquet Hall in New Mexico is ready for scrappers and Oregon’s Willamette Valley will celebrate all night at Wine Country Farms. There was even a group rescheduling their event for September, to accommodate prom nights that may otherwise interfere. They’ll have handsome photos to work with next fall.

If you have the sudden urge to commemorate the day, there’s still time for you to plan your own scrapbook get-away. We wish all the observers a Happy Scrapbooking Day.

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