One Product – Four Ways to Help Crafters Get Organized


1. Scrap Caddy to hold Cricut cartridges, overlays and manuals

2. Extra Inserts to configure Scrap Caddy for your own cartridge storage needs
3. Straps to combine Caddies
4. NEW – Caddy Inserts to hold and conserve Stickles Glitter Glue

     Not everyone has an exclusive crafting room, but we all spread our supplies somewhere when we want to create. A walk-in closet, basement corner or dining room table becomes our little world for inspiration. But whether we’re in a closet or a get-away den, we need storage area and organization. The Scrap Caddy does both.
     Finally all of your cartridges can be in one secure and sturdy Caddy – easily accessible. Adding separate inserts to stow more cartridges – and then a strap to hold multiple Caddies – makes travel easier. Like shelves in a library – order is brought to your collection.
     Scrapcessories got innovative again with their practical Stickles holder. It fits in the Caddy snugly and holds up to 20 Stickles Glitter Glue bottles – or most other 1 ounce containers. The shape allows for an upside down storage so every last bead of glue can be used.
     If you’re a person who likes to add a little shimmer to your cuts or stamp designs, treat yourself to the best. Treat yourself to Stickles Glitter Glues. And if you like knowing where they are when you need them, try the Scrap Caddy with a Bottle Insert.

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