Why Print or Buy Calendars? Create Your Own!

Designer’s Calendar Cricut Cartridge Project:
We love the Designer’s Calendar cartridge because it has so many possibilities. Besides a full font and numeric cartridge for creating calendars, it’s also got an array of images, making it valuable for all kinds of projects.
One of our very own employees, Melissa, did a beautiful job with the traditional use, making a practical and pretty monthly calendar that’s personalized to her family’s activities. The Creatopia was put to work for adding an adhesive backing to the calendar grid.

Items used:

1. Designer’s Calendar – Months, days of the week, major holidays, and coordinating images are all here. With two different fonts and coordinating shadows, calendar possibilities are boundless.
2. Creatopia – even edge-to-edge adhesive on to items up to 12 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick! It also laminates, embosses, cuts straight and fancy lines and die press shapes! Its the ALL IN ONE MACHINE.

Read the whole post over at http://blog.craft-e-corner.com/

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