Christmas in July

No kidding! December is so busy, more Christmas imagethan one family has taken time to celebrate their Christmas gift exchange in July. Travel plans, family commitments and school schedules just make it easier.  In the southern hemisphere, a touch of snow can put anyone in the mood for Christmas.

For those of us who still celebrate in the 12th month or deck the halls in the 11th, there are weeks and weeks ahead, but the clock is ticking. 

A great idea that rivals professional greeting cards has arrived from Dinotalk. Ornaments, paper and frames come in naked white – free of any trimming – ready to be decorated with your design cuts, embellishments and glitter. The extra fun comes when you add the sound of your own voice in a ten second message, frozen in time.

Imagine a familiar voice coming from the Christmas tree. It’s bound to give the Talking Ornament a place of honor, right next to the most precious kindergarten pinecone. Loved ones who can’t be home for the holidays get a moment of closeness when they hear your distinctive tone come from a hand decorated card.
Or you could Dino-frame a special memory photo. Then compose and save just the right message within the frame – one that only you could make up. The naked frame is ready for your 4 x 6 print to be set off with original genius.

These are the kinds of gifts that mean the most, especially during times of economic change. We want to give something real, something meaningful and heartfelt. Dinotalk offers the beginning, and you have plenty of time to complete it.

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