Independence Day Around the World

In the United States, our Independence Day is coming up on July 4th. For Americans, this is one of our grandest holidays of patriotic sentiment, flag waving, picnics and fireworks. It’s hard to believe that we won our independence from England, a great friend of ours across the ocean. What a difference a couple hundred years, or even decades can make.

But we have so many international customers, I checked to see when a few of their independence days are. In the month of June I found: Samoa, Argentina, Philippines, Iceland, Egypt, Croatia, Slovenia, Madagascar, Somalia, and Mozambique. In July, Malawi, Belgium, Peru and Slovakia will all recognize the pride of self-governing. This is  just a tiny list, only covering two months of the year. Each has their history to tell.

To all countries celebrating their liberty this summer, have a safe and happy observance.

Craft-e-Corner Team

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