Do you Doodlecharms??

Here are Some More Tips for Getting the Most out of Our Cartridges!

As I was planning a couple of spring craft projects I pulled out Doodlecharms to see how I could use it. Although I’ve played with this cartridge many times, I’d forgotten just how fun it is! IMHO, it’s one of the must-haves for everyone that has a Cricut.

While each shape is perfect at face value, if you look at them, flip them over or turn them around, you’ll soon see other uses for them. Here are some alternatives I’ve found for the shapes in this set:

*Use the one of the snowflakes (cut in multiples) and circles as a bouncy ball and jacks game
*Turn the waterglobe upside-down, flatcut the rounded bottom and you have a shapely vase or pot
*Cut multiples of either heart and layer in a circle for a 3-D flower
*Trim the bunny ears to a point and your bunny looks like a cat (not to be confused with the cat on page 113)
*Trim the handle off the Easter basket for a pot o’ gold or flower pot
*Cut 4 bugs (page 92) and line them up in a row, all facing the same direction. Cut off the antennae of three bugs and glue the heads of those three underneath the bottom of the bug in front of it. You should end up with a centipede-like creature. If you use brads instead of glue, you’ll have a bug with a movable body.
*Turn the scoop of ice cream upside-down, add ribbon handles, and you have a darling cinch sack for your

Cynthea Sandoval, the designer behind Doodlecharms, has given us a fantastic collection of shapes that is versatile and inspires creativity. Do you have your Doodlecharms yet?

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  1. Great ideas that I have not previously considered. Now I want to get my Doodlecharms cartridge out and take a deeper look at the possibilities! Thanks!

    kruzr87 says:
  2. great creative ideas, I’ll be looking at my Doodlecharms cart more often!

    chignon says:

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