Who doesn’t want more from their cartridges??

More than a Font!

When looking at a font cartridge, instead of just seeing letters, words, and a few shapes, try to see other uses for the actual shape of the letters. All Mixed Up by Cynthea Sandoval is a great example of this principle and opens up a whole new world of ideas for us. The letters are rounded and fresh, which makes for some really creative layouts.

As you ponder each letter, both uppercase and lowercase, what does the shape of the letters look like to you?

When you see the quotation marks, is that all you see? Or do you also picture jelly beans, sandals (with a hand-drawn flourish for the straps), or maybe even a set of lungs for a health class project?
The capital letter H can be more than just an H. It could also be a high jump or a football goal post.
The capital letter Q can be a speedometer, or a booted steering wheel, or even a ‘banned’ symbol if you flip it horizontally (such as on a no-smoking sign).
Even the capital X could be a manger in a Nativity scene, or part of a campfire (use the fire in Christmas Cheer).
How about using the Creative Feature “Circle” in combination with the flower? You would have a ready-made sand dollar!

There are more—many more—for us to find. When you go outside the box and use font shapes in ways other than as letters, share your ingenuity with us!  Source – Cricut.com

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