Celebrating Our Sponsorship with Pinkcricut.com

So we are now sponsoring a new crafting blog called the Pink Cricut. To celebrate our new relationship we are also donating an item as a give away for her Blog Hop taking place on Saturday, September 11th. The Blog Hop will consist of 9 other scrapbooking blogs and their patriotic project ideas. Everyone will start at Pinkcricut.com and then follow the trail to see all 10 different projects.

This theme is patriotic in honor of the Sept. 11th tragedy.  Many of the blogs on the hop will be doing giveaways (also known as blog candy). There is one “big” prize that is given to a random commenter from all of the blog comments and Craft-e-Corner is donating the “Big” prize.

We will also be giving out a 10% off coupon code on the Pinkcricut.com. Check out her blog for more details.

I will post about the Blog Hop again on Saturday to remind everyone.

Thanks everyone!

-Craft-e-Corner Team

Read the whole post over at http://blog.craft-e-corner.com/

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