Halloween is sneaking up on us!!

Craft-e-Corner is wondering…does anyone have any Halloween traditions??  What are they?

What are you or someone you know going to be for Halloween?
Do you go to any Special Halloween parties??
Do you decorate for Halloween??
We are curious, let us know, send us pictures!!  We would LOVE to see them!!

-Craft-e-Corner Team

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3 Replies to “Halloween is sneaking up on us!!”

  1. I decorate the outside of the house and dress up as a witch to give out candy………Fun, Fun, Fun, that is the kid in me……. So much fun………

    Sandy Bayles says:
  2. Oh how awesome!! You will have to post pictures when it’s all said and done!! Sounds like fun!

    Thanks for sharing!


    craftecorner says:
  3. I LOVE Halloween… Our traditions are usually… my husband and i will dress to match, we’ve done this since the first year we were together.. (this year Im gonna be Alice and hes gonna be the Mad Hatter).. our baby girl is gonna be a skunk (doesnt fit but it thought it’d be a cute costume)… and our dog is gonna be a hot dog lol. This is the first year that we’ve owned the house we live in so I’ll definitely be decorating.. I actually planned to start today. We also go to the pumpkin patch every year no matter where we are (we move a lot). And I always have to watch a Halloween marathon… I love the Halloween movies.. the ones with Michael.

    Jamie says:

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