Ever notice how the retail stores start displaying holiday items months in advance?  My Mom thinks that’s silly. But I get lured right in, and immediately want to start re-decorating the house. If the stores can do it, so can I! And when it comes to Halloween, pumpkins are a must for my family. The only problem is, if you are an early decorator and carve your pumpkins right away, they’ll go bad before the Trick-or-Treaters arrive! So this year, we decided to try something new that would last for the weeks to come!

 This happy little guy was created by my husband! All you need to do is cut a vinyl (click here to see our whole vinyl selection) stencil using the Cricut Pumpkin Carving Cartridge, stick the stencil on the pumpkin and paint! You could also use carving tools instead of paint to make a real jack-o-lantern. Super easy! Super fun! This is great for kids!

Trick or Treat! This adorable Mickey Mouse pumpkin is a favorite of ours. I bought the Mickey Mouse wooden parts at a local department store called Shopko. (I’ve also seen them at Wal-Mart) They are wooden pieces that have little spikes on them, and you just stick them in the pumpkin. Voila! Vampire Mickey! And although that was cute, it was missing something. Out came the Cricut Pumpkin Carving Cartridge and the black vinyl. I simply cut out the phrase and stuck it on.  Now it’s complete!

Be sure to check out the vinyl selection we have on our website, some colors are on sale this week as well!!  Don’t miss out!

Let me know what you think!!

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2 Replies to “NO MESS PUMPKINS!!”

  1. O.M.Goodness! How adorable! And no messy floor and table! Great idea!

    Anonymous says:
  2. Those are cute! My daughter and I actually did the same, with the pumpkin carving cartridge and vinyl, but we carved ours. Awesome cartridge! It was fun! I’ve got the pic posted on my blog.

    natalie says:

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