3 Replies to “Paper Crafts, but is there more?”

  1. I go through Cricut mats too quickly. I would like to learn more about the settings to help them last longer. Also will be cutting some special paper for my daughter’s graduation so want to get it just right.

    maryschmidtmt says:
  2. Home decor with vinyl – so easy and inexpensive.

    Cake decorating.

    I try to sew, but my machine hates me. I’m serious.

    I also try to make things for the kids to play with – activity kits, craft kits, accessories for their existing toys, etc.

    The paper crafts are by far my favorite though!

    Amber S says:
  3. Anything that I can find online that is fun to do… eco-friendly a must!

    Ana says:

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