Hello Everyone!
I wanted to show you what I did with the Cricut and some pictures that I took while I was in Florida…Because I take an insane amount of pictures when I go on vacation, I had a lot of sunrise & sunset pictures left and instead of scrap them I cut the the words Beautiful & Sunrises from them, using the Cricut Machine Cartridge Jasmine!!  I thought they turned out really nice!!

Let me know what you think!

Craft-e-Corner Team
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  1. I think you did a fantastic job! Nice pics you have there… I love sunsets and sunrises!
    For the gold glitter around the pics how did you do that, did you put down double sided tape and sprinkle the glitter on? Great job!!!

    Lori K. says:
  2. What do I think? I think you are and incredible photographer!!! I don’t own a cricut so can’t say about those skills, but your pictures are beautiful.

    Kelly Sas says:
  3. love this idea, i have a ton of similar pics for a nascar album and was wondering what to do with them all!!

    Kimberly says:
  4. Beautiful sunrises! Now you have some wonderful memories that you can still see.

    Marjorie says:

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