Friday, April 29, 2011

Product Feature in Depth - Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Permanent Glue Pen

 We all need adhesive. It’s not necessarily cute or fun, but you have to have it. However, have you noticed that not all adhesives are created equal?  Some aren’t strong enough. Some take too long to dry. (I could go on…) Or even better, you’re in the middle of a project and run out. (I am guilty of this one too many times.) Well then let me introduce you to my new purple friend who is even kinder than Barney!  

This tape runner is a massive 72 FEET long! That is over double the length of many other tape runners, and yet the price is lower. MUCH lower. It’s also ergonomically designed for comfort and to prevent clogs. Feel free to stock up because the Crafter’s Companion Extra Strong Permanent Glue Pen is one of those supplies you always need handy.

~Craft-e-Corner Team

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