Review, Review, Review! and…

Today is Earth Day… Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  
What do you do as a crafter, scrapbooker to help be more environmentally aware?
Here’s what I do…As a scrapper, crafter and a paper hoarder I save all of my extra scraps to use on cards and other scrapbook pages.  I also do a lot with acrylic paints so I reuse all of my plastic cups instead of using new ones all the time.  I also keep some of the packaging that my embellishments come packaged in, never know when you can use them with a project!

 Review, Review, Review!
Also the month of April (what’s left of it) is Help a Crafter Out by reviewing the products you purchase from Craft-e-Corner!  Be honest!   For each product review that you do, that get’s you entered into a drawing for a “Mystery Prize”.  Isn’t that exciting?  

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3 Replies to “Review, Review, Review! and…”

  1. I have always been one to turn trash into treasures…lol…my husband laughs at me and always shows me what he is putting in the trash to make sure I do not want it…

    always a follower and have your blinkie on my blog….too

    Chris Wooten says:
  2. I have always been big on recycling. I try to use as much paper as possible and reuse packaging for storage and other things. I also have a recycle trash can in my scrap room for anything that can be recycled instead of thrown away.

    Nancy and Monica says:
  3. As a kid I got in trouble for bringing home ‘treasures’ I’d find in the neighbor’s or teacher’s trash. I RECYCLE in the garden, the kitchen and yes in the craft room. Starting with the room it’s self: I built my shelves using wood I found at construction sites. I got the brackets from the ReStore run by Habitat for Humanity. My work table is an old sewing table I found in my neighbor’s trash topped with ply wood found at a construction site. Nearly all my storage containers are recycled food containers or were purchased at thrift shops and yard sales. I find a lot of paper, ribbons, embroidery floss, twine, lace, silk flowers, embellishments and most of my stamps in thrift shops and at yard sales. I save every little scrap until it is to small for my smallest punches. I save pieces of junk mail, magazines, gift wrap, tissue and the foil liners from food containers to use on my cards. I reuse dryer sheets. When my baby wipes are stained or dried out I give them a quick wash and use them until they fall apart. I also donate to thrift shops but if it’s beyond donating I save the buttons and anything else I could use in my crafts. Okay I’ll give someone else the floor now. LOL! Happy Earth Day!
    Blessings Bernie

    bernietom47 says:

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