I was just thinking, last week when I asked everyone to share with us what if any name they have named their scrapbooking/crafting area.  Thank you to everyone that responded!  There were some very creative and some not so much but I know as a crafter myself, we cherish the places we make our own, even if they are smallish!

So for this week I would love to hear some of your organizing ideas, tips, tricks!  I know I am always looking for new ways to organized my many different products & treasures.  Tell us, better yet show us, post a photo on our Facebook page!  How do you organize your paper, markers, glitter glue, paints, tape runners, stamps, ink pads, embossing powders, fabric, fibers & ribbons etc…?

Here is a picture of my latest space saving project, it’s called the WALL O’ PEGS!  My husband was so gracious and hung these for me, I was so excited & grateful!  I caught him between naps on a Sunday afternoon!  This was also very economical.  I hope it inspires some of you!  Thanks for looking!

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  1. It’s okay to have things piled or stuffed in any place you can find too! Many people can’t have a craft room or space, or one large enough! I call what was my lovely and good enough in the past craft room, a place to dump or stash stuff out of site now!
    I had to learn to be flexible as far as my need to be organized self was gifted ( not ) with Rheumatoid Arthritis and part of the damage to my body from that, resulted in me being put on oxygen, and now I am housebound. Not fun but I’m trying to work with it! You never know what you have until it is gone sometimes so my organization at this point is laughable and somewhat messy and you will see typos from me, RA is NOT kind to the hands, okay enough for now! LOL

    Justme says:
  2. Here is what I have been working on…I wanted built in cabinets like what is in my husband’s shop, but since this is a small bedroom, I did not think it was wise.

    I took jetmax cubes stacked them and screwed together. I purchase white closet shelf board at Lowe’s Home Imptovement added to the top, then stacked more cubes, screwed those together then another white closet shelf board. I wanted everything to be the same shade of white so I painted everything with oil base paint then put the handles on. I have enough drawers to store everything.

    I also put shelf in my closet in there too. I did all this all by myself without any help at all.

    I still need some things to put on the wall…I have added my glass jars with color buttons and brads to my wall shelf. I just did not take a picture since I did that. I love how buttons and brads give color to your room.

    Chris Wooten says:
  3. My hubby made me a new craft room on our main floor this winter. Please go to my FB album: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1642208264169&set=a.1642206784132.2079008.1505709257&theater
    We are FB friends. You will see before and after pics. He even ripped up the carpet and put in a pergo floor! I too have a wall of pegs and also two more small area of pegboard. I love my new craft room!!! I am in it right now as I type this.

    Kelly Sas says:
  4. Sorry but I actually recently posted about mine so rather than FB pix, I’m sending links to my posts that have pix already:
    Stamps: http://jensunchartedterritory.blogspot.com/2011/02/2011-organization-boot-camp-52.html
    Embellishments: http://jensunchartedterritory.blogspot.com/2011/01/2011-organization-boot-camp-42.html
    Coloring/Inks: http://jensunchartedterritory.blogspot.com/2011/01/2011-organization-boot-camp-33.html

    jengd says:

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