#1 – Helpful Tips You Won’t Find in Your Cricut Instruction Manual!

Your Cricut Machine opens up a world of crafting possibilities for you, but to save time and get the results you’re looking for, you might need some help along the way. The following suggestions come straight from fellow crafters, and you won’t find these special tips anywhere else.  Here’s your first one…

–   If you have a new mat that’s too sticky, apply and remove a sheet of paper several times to remove the stick. Or use a clean white t-shirt/cloth and dab the mat several times.

Let me know if you have tried this and it worked!  
Stay tuned there will be more to come!!

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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10 Replies to “#1 – Helpful Tips You Won’t Find in Your Cricut Instruction Manual!”

  1. I have used a t-shirt for quite a while now. Works like a charm and I don’t waste paper.

    Michele says:
  2. Thanks for the extra tips! They are very helpful!!

    craftecorner says:
  3. I have done this before and it does help to keep from ripping ones paper and cuts when removing the paper from the mat. This work very well when using the lighter weight card stock.

    rjlh says:
  4. I haven’t heard anyone of these. What I do when I open a new mat is take my hand and tap it all over the mat and that seem to work for me.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    Star Ark Creativity says:
  5. I just tried the kitchen towel idea on my very sticky, would curl up my paper ever time mat and it worked like a charm. I had ruined so many pieces of paper and cut outs it was crazy. I called customer support and that was their suggestion. so happy that it worked…smiles from wet and soggy Puyallup WA

    kkcfortney4 says:
  6. Do you have carpet? I take the clear protector of the brand new mat, flip it upside down and walk on it. The carpet dulls the stickiness. course you don’t want to do that if your floors are dirty LOL. Also sit on the new mat while you are crafting, your shorts/pants will dull the stickiness as well.

    Tangee's Rants says:
  7. I have a friend that uses baby wipes, but uses them to extend the life of the mat. She says it works for a while but when the mat is not recoverable then the mat is a gonner.

    Karen HB says:
  8. I have had one of this ultra sticky mats that would curl my paper when I took it off. After much use, it is finally better. Thanks for sharing the tip. Will try it if I ever get one of those sticky ones again.

    Joan V says:

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