Silhouette’s Latest Premium Vinyl Colors In Stock!

Silver, Turquoise, and Strawberry! Perfect for Spring!
The new Silhouette Premium Vinyl colors just came in! There are already so many colors to choose from, and now you can add Silver, Turquoise, and Strawberry to your list. These new colors look good enough to eat! Can’t you just picture picnics, pool parties, and fruit kabobs?! YUM!  And better yet, these are… PREMIUM vinyl rolls. In case you don’t know, the premium vinyl cuts as easily as standard vinyl and is still gentle enough for most walls, but is more resilient in order to withstand the sun and weather. Do you need some ideas to get started? Try these:
Outdoor Ideas:
-Liven up pots, planters, and watering cans
-Make car window decals
-Decorate outdoor glass vases and candleholders
-Embellish your patio tabletop or chair backs
-New House numbers (For on your door, mailbox, etc..)

Other Ideas:

-Create wall murals
-Cards and scrapbooking
-Embellish tote bags
-Create beautiful labels for storage bins

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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2 Replies to “Silhouette’s Latest Premium Vinyl Colors In Stock!”

  1. I like all the new color they have now.
    Have a great day 🙂

    Star Ark Creativity says:
  2. can you buy it by the roll instead of just getting 12 x 12 sheets?

    love the chair project

    very nice


    Chris Wooten says:

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