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  1. I don’t want to start a debate… but, according to the cricut message boards, you don’t have to turn off your machine to change out cartridges. Leaving it on and changing out a cartridge is called “hot synching”. If your machine doesn’t recognize the cartridge, then it is recommended to remove the cartridge, turn it off, put the cart back in and turn it on. This was also discussed for the Imagine in the cricut circle message boards. I have 3 cricuts and I have never turned any of them off when changing carts and have never had a problem. Just thought I would pass that on.

    Anonymous says:
  2. you don’t have to shut down when you are using the Juke Box with the six cart’s, I don’t think it really affects anything!

    Ildi-The craftin mama says:
  3. I didn’t know that was something you should do but I just thought it would help. I didn’t want to ruin it because I need this machine.

    Amy's Designs says:
  4. When I clean my Cricut I do use the can dusters as well as a gentle wipe or washcloth, then just wipe it dry with a towel. Hope this helps!

    craftecorner says:
  5. The reason to do this is to allow your machine to “reset” itself. Your giving it a new cartridge to read, it will just help it run smoothly.

    craftecorner says:
  6. Yes I do this because it seem alot easier to get the cartridge out of the machine.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    Star Ark Creativity says:
  7. I did not read it in the book I just thought that is the thing to do. Thank you for having this web site for us.
    I do have one question for cleaning the cricut.
    What is the best way to clean it. I have seen people use the can air, others a damp cloth.

    Vicki says:

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