#3 – Helpful Tips You Won’t Find in Your Cricut Instruction Manual!


–   Your mat also works when inserted backwards! Alternate standard and backwards inserts to get more even wear and tear. Always take paper off the mat when not in use to avoid damaging it.

Who already does this?

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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10 Replies to “#3 – Helpful Tips You Won’t Find in Your Cricut Instruction Manual!”

  1. I have done this from the beginning too. With the E2 though it does not always work to well to do.

    Simply Unique Ideas says:
  2. I too started doing it on my own because only one section of my mat was really getting worn out when I was a newbie with my machine. And since I like to save money, gave it a shot and it worked!

    Michee says:
  3. Yes I learn this on my own because I start know that one side was getting worried than the other side so I flip it around and it work the same. But thank you for let us know some of the trick of our cricut machine.
    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Star Ark Creativity says:
  4. I have always done this from the beginning as well! Since the opposite sides were the same, I just placed in my Cricut ssuming it would work…and it did!!

    Anonymous says:
  5. I have done this from the start also, otherwise the mat wears out to fast!!! The mat’s are the same size all the way around so why not!!

    Ildi-The craftin mama says:
  6. It was something I wondered about, but never tried it. Now I know I can! Thanks for the tip.

    Pat N. says:
  7. Lol glad I am not the only person who has tried this 🙂
    It works real nice!!!

    Vicki says:
  8. I’ve done this from the beginning…it was something I learned in a blog from another Cricut user early on.

    Anonymous says:

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