#4 -Helpful Tips You Won’t Find in Your Cricut Instruction Manual!


–   If paper is ripping, and adjusting your settings doesn’t work, remove your blade housing and push the blade out to make sure a tiny piece of paper isn’t jammed in there. Replace the blade if necessary.

Who knew something so small could create such a problem??

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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5 Replies to “#4 -Helpful Tips You Won’t Find in Your Cricut Instruction Manual!”

  1. Great tip! Never heard on this on. Will definitely try it out the next time it happens. Thanks!

    Michele says:
  2. I have never thought of that could be the reason for the ripping. Now this might save me on blade because if it still did it after adjusting the setting I would just throw away the blade and get a new one. Now I will look to see if there is a tiny piece of paper in there. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Have a weekend 🙂

    Star Ark Creativity says:
  3. thanks for the tip

    Chris Wooten says:
  4. thanks for the tip! My blade has been doing this on the last several cuts.

    Carol says:

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