We Want to Hear from You Saturdays!

We would like to know how you overcome a creative block?  Do you get online to look for ideas and inspiration? Or do you open up a crafting magazine, watch a crafting show or go to a craft store??   

I myself love to go online to get inspired.  If I know what I want to use such as an embellishment, color or theme there is always something out there to get the brain waves flowing again!  Thank goodness!

Let us know, maybe there are other ways?

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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7 Replies to “We Want to Hear from You Saturdays!”

  1. Like everyone said I hit online blogs and magazines for inspirations.

    Carol says:
  2. I check out many blogs and you tube videos for ideas.

    littlen says:
  3. I watch allot of you tube videos or I look through magazines.

    Amy's Designs says:
  4. I see I am no different than the previous ladies.. I have tons of various creative books. I also love to search blogs.. and even the shopping sites of interest they sometimes have on their site.

    Doris P. says:
  5. I use mostly the Internet or magazines as well. Crops are always a good source of new ideas and inspiration for me as well. Just don’t get to attend as many as I’d like.

    Daily Cropper says:
  6. I also go to the internet to get ideas. Sometimes I pull out old stamp catalogs to find the theme of the stamp I want to work with to get inspired.

    Joan V says:
  7. I’m with you…I tend to go to the internet – so many great projects with such neat ideas out there! Although, at times I like to look at magazines to help get me out of a “block!”

    Marissa says:

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