Countdown to CHA 6 Days Left!

Who else has been fortunate enough to have been able to attend ANY CHA Convention. We would like you hear your story and where was the convention. How did you feel when you walked in. Did your jaw drop to the floor like mine did?? UGH!!

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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5 Replies to “Countdown to CHA 6 Days Left!”

  1. I know, I’m sure even just from last year, there are going to be so many new items!

    craftecorner says:
  2. I just went to my very first Scrapbook expo…although I’m sure it’s not anything like CHA – I was very excited to see all the wonderful things available to scrapbookers!

    Marissa says:
  3. I have not had the privilage! I am sure it’s amazing and I would probably come home in a neckbrace due to whiplash. LOL

    Carol says:
  4. I have never been, but would LOVE to go! Can I PLEASE stow away in your suitcase???

    Kelly Sas says:

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