Cuttlebug Tote Bag!

The other day, a friendly customer called in and was inquiring about some products and asked me if we had any sort of bag for the Cricut Cuttlebug machine. As I was explaining that we only had them for the Expression machine and the Gypsy, my trusty co-worker Melissa came over and smacked my arm and whispered that we had a Cuttlebug tote bag in the warehouse. WHAT?!? How did I miss that? I was so embarrassed and had to explain to the friendly lady on the phone that I was mistaken, and that we really did have a tote bag for the Cuttlebug.
But this made me realize that if I didn’t even know we had a new tote bag, you might have missed it as well! So here’s the scoop on the new Cuttlebug tote.
It’s easy for you to see that it is a black faux leather bag, and you know that it holds the Cuttlebug. But there is so much more to it that the picture just can’t show!
·         The tote measures about 13 ½” wide. The new V2 Cuttlebug machine is only about 11” wide with the handle tucked in, so there is plenty of room even if the handle is out, or if you have the original version machine.
·         There are 9 pockets total. 5 of the pockets are on the exterior including: two front pockets with fake buckles that close with magnetic snaps, one pocket on each side of the bag, and one huge pocket that runs across the entire back of the bag that closes with a hidden magnet. Then there are 4 additional pockets made of a mesh material on the inside of the bag.
·         The interior as well as all of the pockets are lined with “Cricut green” colored suede material.
·         The bottom of the tote has 4 little silver feet for extra durability.
·         The tote handles are about 10” long, and are short enough to just carry the tote with your arm at your side, but long enough that they would fit over your shoulder.
The whole Cuttlebug Tote is very soft and flexible, and honestly would make a cute purse or even a modern diaper bag! No matter what you use it for, I’m sure you’ll be thrilled with it and happy that Cricut finally came out with a tote for our friend, the Cuttlebug.
Craft-e-Corner Team~
Bobbi Jo
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  1. Thank you for the heads up – didn’t know there was a tote for the cuttlebug!

    Carol says:

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