More new stuff! Can we say One Stop Shop at Craft-e-Corner?

Did anyone think to start Christmas shopping yet, it’s less than 6 months away?  Well I would say that you could do all of it here with us!  We have something for everyone…

We just got our first sewing machine in it’s the American Home AH100 – and for those of you wondering, I just checked, it does everything except cook dinner!

Check out these coordinating materials that you could use on your new machine…They are called Cuddly Quilt Kits.

Boy’s Novelty Assorted


Girl Fairy Ballerina
Natural Ducks Assorted

These fabrics all go so well together and are so soft!

Don’t forget you cutting tools! I will post more quilting items & machines in the next blog!

Be sure to click on the links to view the full product description on our website! 

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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