Epiphany Crafts – Love’em!

At the recent CHA show, Melissa and I fell in love with Epiphany Crafts’ shape and button punch tools. However, I think it’s one of those products that you almost need to see to understand its potential. Therefore, I found a great video demonstration for you, and also posted some pictures that Melissa and I took at their booth.

In general, you can take any image and turn it into an epoxy embellishment or button to be used on cards, scrapbook pages, and even jewelry! It just takes 4 easy steps.

1) First, place your paper in the punch tool and make sure the spot you want to punch is visible in the tool’s “window”. Your image can come from photographs, scrapbook paper, magazine pictures, your child’s artwork, and more!

2) Place the epoxy shape in the window over the area to be punched. (For each tool, there is a corresponding clear epoxy shape with an adhesive back which fits that particular tool exactly, so make sure the tool and epoxies are the same shape and size!)

3) Place the tool’s plastic insert over your epoxy, close the lid, and punch!

4) Lastly, remove your new custom embellishment and enjoy! You can use it by itself, add it to Epiphany rings and setting, or be creative and put them in bottle caps or on top of felt embellishments.

I just can’t say enough about this product. It’s the perfect match to your project every time and you just have to give them a try. I know you’ll love them!

Craft-e-Corner Team~
Bobbi Jo
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