I feel it in my bones…

the chill in the air!  No really, I mean Crafting Shows are right around the corner!   Can you smell it?  Sweet smell of cinnamon and spice & apple pie, the leaves are falling, significant other is going hunting…everything to make you think of crafting & or going to craft shows! 


~Is there anyone that crafts just for selling items at a craft show? 

~Do you just go to them to get ideas OR do you really go and get Christmas presents or are they items for yourself? 

~Are there shows that you go to every year or do you seek out new ones? 

~What’s your favorite part of this wonderfully beautiful season?

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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2 Replies to “I feel it in my bones…”

  1. I usually go for the product or the tools. Also the people you meet are amazing and so helpful.

    Kellyz Krafting Again says:
  2. I go to my first craft show tomorrow morning. My aunt and cousin have made it a tradition since I moved back here. It is the one in Greenville at their outdoor park. Yes, I do buy, but i usually get more craft ideas to make than I do buy. Let the craft show season begin!

    Kelly Sas says:

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