Craft-e-Corner wants to know…

Hello Everyone!

We were just wondering, we are all busier at this time of year and there isn’t anytime to do anything!

But what time of year do you make the most time to craft & create?

Craft-e-Corner Team~

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3 Replies to “Craft-e-Corner wants to know…”

  1. Year round! I am always crafting something. The only thing is I add cookies to bake at this time too. Edwina Brown

    Edwina says:
  2. I try all year round, but I find the summer is the easiest time to get things done, not sure why, but it does!

    Lisa's Creative Niche says:
  3. I try to craft all year round. I get inspired by things I see on blogs. I try to make my Christmas cards throughout the year, so I am not in a rush to send them out. Birthday cards and gifts all year.

    Joan V says:

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