Crafty Kitchen Project

So this weekend I made a TO-DIE-FOR chocolate cake for my birthday (yes, that’s right, I baked myself a cake- it’s just that good) and my sister wanted the recipe. We got talking and she mentioned how she needs a recipe box and wanted to start to share family recipes. She also said we should start having recipe pot-luck parties to share recipes. Such a good idea! Who doesn’t love food and even better who doesn’t love a party!?
So then today I was browsing around on Pinterest and found this ADORABLE recipe book project and just fell in love. My favorite part a little quote in the book:
  “If we were all made to pop out of bed –
                                                we’d all sleep in toasters”

How stinkin’ CUTE is that!? My sisters birthday isn’t until September , but I am highly motivated after seeing this cute project to start making a recipe book for her and I will be using this quote 🙂

To learn how to make this book, check out the MAYA ROAD DESIGN TEAM blog

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  1. I love the quote! So, you can’t tease us like that–please share the awesome cake recipe!

    Melissa says:

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