To Pin Or Not To Pin?

Exciting news! Craft-e-Corner is now on Pinterest – a site that is EXPLODING in the social media world. To ‘Pin’ is in! Pinterest is a great site for anyone. Are you an avid crafter? Love to cook? Planning a wedding? You can find ideas for virtually ANYTHING on pinterest and share it with the pinterest world…

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a virtual ‘Pinboard’ where you can collage your ideas and inspiration for anything from travel to crafts. You can organize and create different ‘boards’ for different subjects. For example,Craft-e-corner has a pinboard titled ‘organization’ with differnt pictures of how to keep your crafting space organized. Another board we have is ‘Holiday Fun’ packed full of fun holiday craft ideas. The nice thing about these ‘boards’ are they can be edited and changed at your convienience…

This may all seem a little overwhelming and many people I know have tried pinterest and didn’t give it time for the ‘pin’ to sink in… most of the time however, once you learn the site you will be HOOKED! The site is not just for crafting, or just for women. Men can use the site for tatoo ideas, landscaping inspiration, and much more.

I could try and break down the site for you step-by-step but I believe that seeing something and doing it hands on is the way to go.  SO! here are two really great videos so you can SEE and learn a little more about the site. Then go ahead and create an account and START PINNING!

Don’t forget to ‘follow’ Craft-e-corner’s Pinterest Page. We love to hear comments and feedback too!
Happy Crafting!
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