Martha Stewart’s Crafting Clay Kit

Happy Monday Everyone! Just wanted to share this post from Megan Elizabeth at  Last week she stocked up with a carload full of new products from Craft-e-Corner (lucky duck!), and over the weekend she shared the BEAUTIFUL roses she made using the Martha Stewart’s Crafting Clay Kit we just got in. Thanks Megan for sharing!!!

I’m going to show you pics from how I made a Rose using the new Martha Stewart Crafter’s Clay.  This Heirloom Kit is Incredible with great molds the tools and color chart you’ll need to create ANYTHING you want!  This is an air dry clay that dries solid in 24 hours and is SUPER light weight like Paper Light!  Its AWESOME! I’ll be doing a video on it soon, but check this out!
 Here’s the Heirloom Kit, for those wondering Where do I Get it? has it in stock right now.

Just a little SMIDGEN of red mixed with mostly white makes this GREAT Pink Color!

I used the Mold for these three: First one I just smooched the Clay in.  The Second I placed a Sparkle Light in the mold first then smooched in the Clay.  The Third and pictured – I did the mold first and I placed a sparkle light in the center. I think it adds PERFECTLY wonderful bling to the paper clay! I LOVE it!

Now I used the directions included in the kit to make THIS rose!  It was SO easy took me less than 25 min to figure out, play with and make for FIRST time ever! And I am NOT a clay person at ALLLL! It’s THAT easy!  No baking required, just air dries for up to 24 hours – and its SUPER light weight.  Best tip: Must keep it moist/wet while working with it.  Have a wet paper towel at your work station to roll the clay in and keep clay you aren’t working in covered with it.  AWESOME!

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