Mini Alpha Stickers – ‘Secrets’ Jar Project

…and as an extra treat to all of you this month Craft-e-Corner is giving away a FREE Megan Elizabeth Mini Alpha Sticker pack in EVERY order in MAY!


 Here is a super cute ‘secrets’ jar project I did this weekend using the Pink Alpha Stickers.
So this weekend my daughter Lauren (4 months) has decided she does NOT want cereal yet….so I went right to baby food and she LOVED it! Apples & Bananas…YUMMY!
I kept the label for a scrapbook layout later and decided to recycle the jar and create a little ‘secrets’ jar for her to use as she grows up.
I stripped the label and then put 2 strips of my polka dot SMASH tape around the jar. I then added a strip of pink dot textured paper over the tape. I hot glued the paper on. Next comes the adorable mini  alpha stickers by Megan Elizabeth (pink circles shown here) that we are GIVING AWAY in EVERY order in the month of MAY in honor of NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK MONTH!
I covered the lid with the same  polka dot smash tape.
Then I added the word ‘secrets’ to the jar with the Megan Elizabeth Pink Mini Alpha Stickers. These are one of many colors that you could get FREE with your order from Craft-e-Corner this month!
To add a final touch I tied some pink and white DMC floss around the top and added hot glued a pink brad to cover the knot.
Now Lauren has a little jar of ‘secrets’  and a cute little place to write down her thoughts and secrets and keep them safe.
Supplies Needed:
DMC floss
Baby Food Jar (or other jar)
Here are a few other projects you can do with the FREE alpha stickers you could get with your order from Craft-e-Corner in May…
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  1. I’m so happy to stumble across your craft site. I love jar crafts. I’ll be following you for sure!

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