Ric Rac Ribbon Ring

Happy Friday everyone! Thought I’d share this Ric Rac Rose Ring I made this week.
It’s a EASY and QUICK project you could do this weekend. In less than a half hour, WHA-LA, you have a pretty ring.
Start with Ric Rac Ribbon. (That’s the wavy ribbon you see here) Mine is PINK and SPARKLY!
Weave two strips of the ribbon together. You’ll only need 2 strips of ribbon, about 12in long.
¬†Start rolling the ribbon up, You’ll want to hot glue every few times you wrap the ribbon around to hold the ribbon in place. TIP- don’t use TOO much hot glue ( I did ) and make sure to glue towards the bottom of the flower so later you can fan out the petals on top.
WHA-LA! A beautiful rose. Mine was wound a bit tight an I used too much hot glue, but over all, for a first try- I LOVE IT!
 What do you think?
*** Although I LOVE the pink sparkly ribbon, it was a bit hard to manage and using a more cotton based ribbon would be easier and the ribbon would stretch a bit more. American crafts carries some really high quality ribbon and in the pack- RIC RAC RIBBON that would be PERFECT for this project!


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