20 Different Ways To Use Vinyl – Part I

So of course I must share our AWESOME SALE that starts TODAY & some projects that will blow you away! Also, see that super duper cute rolly-polly baby girl below? Yep! That’s my girl! You can imagine, my little Lo (Lauren) had tons of fun with this photo shoot.

Take advantage of these HUGE savings and shop the SALE! We are ROLLING out the savings on vinyl, heat transfer, ribbon, tape & so much more! If it’s on a roll, it’s on SALE! This week we are featuring ’20 different ways 2 use vinyl.’ Craft-e-Corner has over 50 different colors & varieties of Silhouette Vinyl perfect for any project! So roll up your sleeves and get crafting!

…or at least the first 12… 
Click on image for project details


        DIY Pet Food Container            ‘My Stache’ Jar                Framed Wall Art         Personalize Your iPod
                By Cheryl                        By Jeneen                        By Shelley                     By Ashley 


          Decorate Furniture          Window Wall Hanging         Hanging Wood Plaque          Framed Table Art
                 By Linda                        By Brittany                         By Alison                     By Silhouette 

          DIY Kitchen Mixer Art     ‘Wanted’ Laundry Board        DIY Laptop Design     Design Your Own Aprons
        By Little Birdie Secrets              By Shelley                        By Ashley                      By Ashley

So? What do you think? Pretty neat huh! Of these first 12 my favorites are the DIY pet food container, the super funny ‘my stache’ jar, and the MUST HAVE ‘wanted’ missing laundry items board! 

Are you just dying to try some of these projects? Need some vinyl? NO WORRIES! We’ve got you covered…




Stay tuned for the last 8 projects on Thursday…


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