CHA 2012 – Tattered Angels NEW releases

A big HELLO from Craft-e-Corner! We are in Chicago at the CHA conference getting the inside scoop on all the NEW and HOT items! We are having a BLAST and can’t wait to share all of this information with you!
Here is an UNEDITED (gasp!) video with Wendy from Tattered Angels sharing her NEW products! Just an FYI, this is the very first time I’ve ever done video and interviewing, so please be kind when judging the video…
Well, I know this is short but I just wanted to get it to you all PRONTO1 Hope you are as excited for these new Tattered Angels products as we are! (Melissa was drooling at this booth, she even shared how she organizes all of her Tattered Angels products with Wendy)
We are on our second day here (leaving shortly) and I want to know…what kind of questions and information do YOU want to know about the show/products???
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