Fabulous Fall Rosette Wreath Tuorial

In our last post we learned how to create fabulously fall-worthy paper rosettes (below). If you missed that post, check it out HERE!
Now let’s work on how to use the rosettes you’ve created to make a beautiful Fall wreath!
For my wreath I created 15 rosettes in various colors and sizes. The bigger the wreath, the more rosettes you will need!
For the base of my wreath I used a thrift store fabric sewing hoop. I found a ton of these for $.25 each! Can’t get much cheaper than that! I traced the hoop circle onto apiece of cardboard. I used a 12×12 piece of cardboard that came in my 12×12 pack of paper. I try and recycle every part of my purchases!


I then cut out the circle and hot glued it onto my hoop. I use Hot Glue Gun Helpers whenever hot gluing. They are a life, and finger, saver! Me and hot glue do not get along very well but somehow I still use it for everything!


I use this base to glue my rosettes on. (Again, using hot glue) TIP: lay out and plan the order and layout of your wreath before you start gluing.
Here is my almost finished wreath. TIP: once you have all of the rosettes glued on and dry, flip over the wreath and add some more hot glue in spots for extra hold!
On this rosette, I took some old fabric and made a flower for the center. (This is done by gluing on the end of a strip of fabric and then twisting and gluing around the center until the fabric is gone.) You can also use ribbon to make rosette flowers! Watch a short video tutorial on how here!


I still felt it was missing something so I took some hemp cord and glued it across the center of my wreath. I then took burlap fabric and cut out the individual triangle pennants. I used a Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Maker  for the lettering. Last, I hot glued the pennants to the hemp cord one by one.
TA-DA! It is finally complete! If this wreath doesn’t scream fall, I don’t know what does! This is a view of it hanging on a wall.
Here it is hanging on my front door!
Well, that is all I have for you! I hope you LOVE this wreath and make one for your house! They would make a great gift too!
When do YOU start decorating for FALL?
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  1. LOVE IT! You could even add a little ghost at Halloween, take him off and add a pumpkin at Thanksgiving.

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