DIY Halloween Home Decor – B is for BOO!

 Add an eerie feel to your home this Halloween with these large moss covered letters!
I created this “B” and spruced it up for Halloween!
To make this project you simply hot glue reindeer moss to a wood or cardboard block letter. Then lightly spray paint a portion of the moss with a Black Spray Paint! Let dry and stretch some webbing over the letter! Do this to one letter or a whole word!
 Here is a close up of the webbing. Add these letters to a wall or shelf, or just set them on a table as part of a Halloween centerpiece! I have mine on a kitchen shelf. I added a candle next to it so when i light the candle and it’s dark the light flickers off of the webbing!


B is for BOO! Happy Halloween crafting!
Hope you loved the idea!
What do you think? Should I add a spider to this web?


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3 Replies to “DIY Halloween Home Decor – B is for BOO!”

  1. Making B for boo is really a innovative and funny idea. But decoration by wall art pictures is also a cool idea. Wall painting containing pictures of ghost will work better for halloween, I think.
    Well thanks for the idea.

    Decore Essentials says:
  2. Oh yea, no web is complete without a spider lurking near by. Love this! It turned out great!


    Susie Craft Happy! says:
  3. OF COURSE!!! Add that spider!! The letter looks fabulous!! Hmm..I have a couple letters and might do this w/the moss, but add flowers for an all year letter!! Verry cool as I have left over moss myself!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Pam Zirbel 'One Woman Creations' says:

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