Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Handmade Holiday Vinyl Stencil Painted Plaque

Handmade gifts are always the best kind. The work and care put into DIY gifts makes them that much more special to the person receiving them. Here is a great DIY gift that will make anyone smile...
For this project our designer Kala used vinyl in a very non-traditional way to create a beautiful wood wall plaque. For an extra special touch, Kala let her two kids paint the backdrop for this project.

She took a plain wood plaque and had the kiddos use an array of fun and bright Folk Art Acrylic Paint to cover the entire surface.This part is fun for the kids and you don't have to worry about them staying in the lines. TIP: Use only one color at a time and partially blow dry the paint between colors so they do not mix together and make a muddy gray color.

She then used her Die Cutting Machine and cut out the saying using  Premium Silhouette Vinyl. Using transfer paper, she transferred the type to the wooden plaque.  I love the saying he used:
"When you find a field of dandelions, 
you can choose to find a thousand weeds 
or choose to find a thousand wishes."

Next take a white acrylic paint and paint over the entire surface. Let dry overnight.

After the paint is fully dry, slowly peel off the vinyl. A great tool to use for this would be the tool hook from the Cricut Tool Kit for peeling vinyl or a good pair of tweezers. When the vinyl is peeled away the bright colored background shows through!

Here is a finished picture of the wood plaque after all of the vinyl was peeled away.

For the finishing touches, Kala hand painted on three dandelions. It turned out beautiful!

Well, I hope you loved the project and are inspired to make your own vinyl stencil painting.
 This project would make a great holiday gift and can be altered to fit your needs. Use a canvas or plaque of any size, different fonts or shapes and your favorite colored paints. Take this idea and run with it! Happy creative crafting!
What saying would you use for this project?

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