So-Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments


1. Supplies:
-Pledge Wood Floor Finish (Blue Cap!)
-Clear Ornaments

2. Put about a table spoon of the Pledge into the ornament and SWIRL around. Pour excess  back into the bottle.

3. Using a funnel (we rigged a paper funnel this morning) put in your glitter of choice.  We found that fine glitter worked better than chunky.

4. Swirl the glitter around…Oooooo! Eeeeeee! AHHHHHH! (you can shake it but cover your hole with a paper towel and finger if you do)

5. Pour excess glitter back into the container.

6. Put the cap back on the ornament and tada! They are SO EASY and beautiful!



Here are a few pictures of other ornaments we made with this process…

Wondering how these ornaments held up after a year of use and storage?  Check out the updated post here!

93 Replies to “So-Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments”

  1. I have done this about 5 yes ago pulled them out a week ago omg they still look great

    Anonymous says:
    1. That’s great to hear! I’ve just pulled mine out (these ones we did for this post) and they’re just as glittery as ever- they look great!

      Kala says:
    1. I have heard people use Poly Acrylic that can be found in the hardware store. I am not sure if it is available in the UK, but I would try going to a hardware store and looking for anything that dries clear and is used to protect a floor as that seems to be the only requirements. Others have also had luck with clear drying school glue.

      Kala says:
  2. I have used the watered down Elmer’s glue and the fine glitter and it worked great…they are now 3 years old and still looks like new. I just checked them before I did this post.

    Anonymous says:
  3. Id like to do this myself I have seen others where they use acrylic paint and the fine glitter. Just glad to know there is other options.

    CraftyLady33 says:
    1. I used paint to make these “hand” painted ornaments –

      We just dripped some paint inside and then shook! I’m not sure how well paint + glitter would work, but if you give it a try, let me know how it turns out! <3 ornaments!

      Kala says:
  4. I used hairspray and plastic ornaments and it worked great too. Hairspray can be a little less expensive than floor cleaner and you can use the left over.

    Anonymous says:
    1. Make sure you check back with us next Christmas and let us know how the hairspray held up!

      Kala says:
  5. I used red glitter and heart shaped ornaments. So easy and so pretty! Thanks for the idea.

    Anonymous says:
  6. I used floor wax from target with plastic ornaments and they are working out well. The brand is Bona hardwood floor polish. Good luck!

    sandy richards says:
  7. Louie. December 5, 2013@5:30. This is such a great idea and you can enjoy the beauty of the glitter, but at the same time protect your hands, face, rugs etc. from the glitter that falls off other ornaments every time they are handled. With the glitter on the inside you can still decorate the outside as you have shown with the snowman.

    Louie says:
    1. That is exactly what I love about having the glitter on the inside, no mess!

      Kala says:
  8. i have done these at school and church. great for any age!!! they are cute with red glitter then wrap middle with black ribbon and attach the pop top off a soda can…makes a santa claus belly with a belt!!!

    kim says:
  9. Hi, Im wondering if anyone in the UK has any advice on what to use instead of that particular pledge as we dont seem to get that type here (or at least not labelled the same). Thanks in advance as cant wait to try them!

    Taylorsmum says:
    1. Any floor care product should work. Just make sure you don’t use floor cleaner- you want a floor finish!

      Kala says:

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