So-Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments


1. Supplies:
-Pledge Wood Floor Finish (Blue Cap!)
-Clear Ornaments

2. Put about a table spoon of the Pledge into the ornament and SWIRL around. Pour excess  back into the bottle.

3. Using a funnel (we rigged a paper funnel this morning) put in your glitter of choice.  We found that fine glitter worked better than chunky.

4. Swirl the glitter around…Oooooo! Eeeeeee! AHHHHHH! (you can shake it but cover your hole with a paper towel and finger if you do)

5. Pour excess glitter back into the container.

6. Put the cap back on the ornament and tada! They are SO EASY and beautiful!



Here are a few pictures of other ornaments we made with this process…

Wondering how these ornaments held up after a year of use and storage?  Check out the updated post here!

93 Replies to “So-Easy 6 Step Pledge Glitter Ornaments”

  1. Hi here. Does it work with color sand? We have some sand left over from our sand ceremony and wanted to try to incorporate the rest in this ornament project.

    Cefenie says:
    1. Hi Cefenie,
      I haven’t tried doing these with sand, but I don’t see why not? I would give it a try! The worse that could happen is you just wash out the bulb and try again with glitter.

      Let me know how it turns out!

      Kala says:
  2. How long did these take to dry?? I have tried making glitter ornaments in the past with glue and glitter and they did not hold up well at all. After being under the lights on the Christmas tree the glue started to melt inside and it was a big mess. Do these hold up well??

    Heather says:
    1. Hi Heather,
      They dry relatively quickly since you let all the extra liquid come out before adding in glitter. I usually let them sit overnight upside down in the cups to dry. I made these ornaments 6 years ago and they still look as great as the day I first made them! I have noticed no effect at all from the heat of the Christmas tree, no glitter has been lost. They really have held up so well! Hope you give them a try, they were easy to do and look great!

      Kala says:
    1. Yes! I have heard of people using plastic ornaments with success as well!

      Kala says:
  3. I made these for several years now. I have used both glass and plastic, Glue and Pledge. Glass and Pledge works the best. I used Martha Stewart Glitter. I wrote the year on the outside and glittered that. I also put Initials on them for all my co-workers.

    Angela Jackson says:
    1. What glue pen would work best for writing the name in glitter and is quick drying

      Michelle says:
  4. Just finished trying this out. Super easy and turned out awesome. Excited to give them as gifts this year. I did have trouble finding the pledge floor finish. I literally went to 5 different places and found it at cvs, for more than what I wanted to pay for. I figured I could just use it for my floors or more ornaments next year. Thanks for posting an easy fun activity for the family.

    Sue Gregorio says:
    1. I’m glad you were able to find it! I have heard others use Polyacrylic- which is expensive, but a little goes a long way as well. I’ve had the same bottle of Floor Care now for 2 years and made more ornaments this year with it- worked great! The ornaments I have from the original blog post here were just as sparkly this year as they have been for the last two years!

      Kala says:

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