Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What The Heck Is CHA? New Product Reveals & More!

As a craft company I tend to throw around the term CHA (C-H-A) a lot and never really stop to think that YOU as a viewer might not know what in the world we are talking about! In all honesty, before working at Craft-e-Corner I did not have a clue!

So as you can see from the logo above, CHA stands for Craft & Hobby Association
Twice a year, there is a CHA Conference & Trade Show in a different location.

The CHA trade show is the king of all craft shows! The top crafting companies and vendors from all over the world come and set up beautiful displays and 'booths' to bring you the upcoming and NEW product releases, inspiration & so much more!

This is where you will see all of the seasons NEW Crafting products from paper collections, inks, stamps, die cutting machines, & the whole sha-BANG!

Vendors, like Bella Blvd, spend hours setting up their booth.
(Pictures by Bella Blvd)

...and in the end you get a BEAUTIFUL booth displaying NEW products, projects and even some fun make and take projects at some booths!

 A lot of manufactures create BEAUTIFUL and amazing projects with the new released products to inspire you, like this example from the Summer 2012 CHA Show by Bella Blvd! 
There are thousands and thousands of beautiful project ideas at the show!

In a nutshell, CHA is AWE-SOME! It is what us craft companies look forward to all year long (2ce a year) and can't wait to get our hands on the NEW and UPCOMING products!

Also, at the right time you might get to catch a craft demonstration by some of the famous crafters like Tim Holtz himself! Last year we caught Tim Holtz just in time to get an autograph and a quick video featuring his fall stamp line from last year...
Check it out!

(Yep, that me in the black interviewing Tim Holtz! A very nice guy and a crafting genius!)

So now that you KNOW that this crazy CHA is all about, keep posted for some CHA SNEAK PEAK POSTS featuring some of the NEW releases for the upcoming Winter 2013 CHA Show happening
January 11, 2013 - January 15, 2013! That's in 3 days people so GET EXCITED!

Are YOU excited about CHA???
 Did you find this post helpful? 

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Thank you for telling me what CHA meant. I have seen that in several of my bloggie friends' post and did not know what they were talking about. Yes this was very helpful. :)