Tuesday, March 19, 2013

DIY Party Ideas: Ready To POP Baby Shower Part 2

...and the Party continues! Hey guys! I know that I just posted Part I of this post yesterday, but I wanted to stay consistent and finish up and share the rest! I swear I am not trying to bombard your inbox with junk mail (I hate that, ugh!) So let's continue...
*If you missed DIY Party Ideas: Ready To POP Baby Shower Part I, check it out HERE*

Two weeks ago I packed up all my crafty goodies and headed 'home' to Milwaukee to throw my sister Amy a baby shower! My sister is due April 16th and having a "Lucy"! Yep, it's a GIRL!
Just to recap, we are talking about the three things you need for a great party...
-Great Decorations
-Great Food
-Great Friends & Family

...let's finish up the great decorations!

For a little sweet treat we created a POP candy station! Using the same concept as the popcorn (seen here), we filled a few recycled clementine crates with candy for our quests.
Bottlepops Blowpops, Pushpops & Ringpops! My sister Andrea went to Sams Club and hit the "POP" candy JACKPOT!

 "Thank You For POPPING By...Enjoy Some Candy!"

Next Up...H2O!
Using the same Silhouette Printable White Sticker Paper as I did with the popcorn labels, I designed and printed out water bottle labels!
-Amy is ready to pop H2O-

I also designed and printed name tags using this same design concept and of course, the same Silhouette Sticker Paper. Name tags seems so silly sometimes, but it's a great way to break the ice! Just remember to take it off when you leave the party! Our mom (aka "grandma" to baby Lucy), almost forgot and was going to run errands after, haha. Nothing like everyone in the grocery store knowing your name!


I didn't take a whole lot of food pictures but these were a huge hit! They are called rainbow fruit kabobs! Thank you Pinterest for the great idea! These bright kabobs are not only pretty to look at, but they are easy to make, healthy, and best of all, DELICIOUS!

What's a party without great people! You cannot put a price tag on the times spent time with friends and family! Memories are priceless and will be cherished forever! Above is a silly picture of the two moms (AKA Grandmas) and their fun pinwheel boutonnieres!

This is another great way to save some money! Rather than buy fresh flower boutonnieres I made these pinwheel boutonnieres from scrap ribbon, paper & felt! Don't get me wrong, I love fresh flowers as much as the next but they can get pricey and in this case would get such little use. Check out how to made a felt and paper pinwheel here. Add some embellishments, buttons, ribbon or whatever you'd like to your pinwheel and make it your own!
All in all the shower was a huge hit and all of the crafty ideas came together beautifully! A big thank you to everyone who helped put it together and we cannot wait to meet little Lucy. Lucy is not even born yet and she already loves to party!
Thanks for stopping by! 
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  1. I would love directions on how you made those pinwheel boutonnieres

  2. Love the pinwheel boutonnier. Can you share your directions?

  3. Love the rest of this set, those fruit skewers look so yummy and I am going to do this in the summer for my mum's 70th birthday party. The print and cut labels are adorable too, I must try that idea with my cameo.
    Kim xXx

  4. When I got to know about the pregnancy of my sister, I used to discuss the baby shower ideas that used to strike in my mind at times, and we arranged a grand party to celebrate the occasion at a nearby resort. I was blessed with the beautiful niece and we love the mother and her daughter a lot.