Red, White & Blue Summer Star Mason Jar Vase Tutorial

Hello! So glad you stopped by. I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day.
Summer is not to far away and in light of the patriotic holiday & 4th of July just around the corner, I thought I would share a fun red, white & blue vase project with you.
A few months ago I scoured my parents basement and snatched up a few old mason jars. Today we will transform one into a simple and starry summer vase .

First wash and dry your jar. We will be painting the jar so you’ll want a nice clean surface.
Next, paint the jar white using a foam brush. You can use any basic acrylic paint. You will want to paint on a few coats to cover the glass. Make sure to let each layer of paint dry before adding the next coat.
TIP: To help speed up the drying process, you can hit your vase with a heat gun.
After the paint is fully dry, lightly rub your vase with a fine grit sand paper. Your goal is to remove some of the paint on the jar to create a distressed look. Make sure not to rub too hard! I always sand over the raided words on the jar too.
Next we will add some subtle clear gloss (heat embossed) stars to our vase. For my stars, I decided to keep it simple and use clear Watermark Versamark Ink and Clear Embossing powder. You can mix it up a bit and add some color if you’d like! You can use various colored Inks or different colors of Embossing powders. Play around with color combinations and have fun with it!
Using a simple and solid star stamp and my Versamark Watermark Ink Pad, I added a few clear stars onto my vase.
While the inked stars were still wet, I covered them with clear embossing powder. I then dumped and tapped off any excess powder. (My favorite quality embossing powders are by Imagine Crafts/ Tsukineko. Check them out here!)
Give the stars a good hit with the heat gun to melt the embossing powder.
Be careful not to over heat or get to close, you can burn the paint. The clear embossing powder and the paint heat up to create a very subtle raised star on the jar.
Here is a good picture of the start after they have been embossed. I loved how subtle they were, but still added fun patriotic flair to the vase!
Like I said before, you can use any stamp and color combination you would like for your vase. Customize this project to make it your own!
For the finishing touches I added a fun red bow using May Arts Chevron Ribbon and some blue flowers! These flowers happen to be fake, but I am planning of changing them up and adding fresh farmers market flowers very soon!
(This weekend marks the opening of our farmer’s market- I cannot wait!)
Well, there you have it! I hope you love the project and create a fun Mason Jar vase of your own! This is the perfect “change it up” vase good for all summer long. Change out the ribbon and flowers to make it different every week!
What is your favorite thing to get at the farmer’s market?
Me? I love the fresh flowers!
*comment below with your answer and thoughts on this project*
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