DIY Paper Inking Technique + Father’s Day Card Tutorial

What do you get when you mix baby wipes and alcohol inks? A super simple and fun inking technique and endless DIY paper possibilities! 


Here is a wonderful tutorial brought to you by our designer Kala!
If you are a paper crafter and have ever used inks before, you might know that one major craft room must-have is baby wipes. If you didn’t know that…now you do!

Baby wipes are a fabulous way to keep not only your hands and fingers clean, but your work area as well. They work wonders when it comes to cleaning off stamps and wiping up glitter!

For this technique, you will want to lay three baby wipes on top of each other and fold them in half. Then fold them in half again…and again….and again
(until you end up with a thick square) 
Some baby wipes have patterns on them, but no worries! The pattern will not affect your finished product!  


Once your wipes are folded into a nice thick square take the caps of your alcohol re-inkers. I used Tim Holtz Adirondack Brights 1 oz re-inkers in Sunshine Yellow, Sail BoatBlue and Citrus
I have found that 3 colors work best for a plaid pattern, but feel free to experiment. Draw lines on the edge of the folded end of your baby wipe square with the inks.  Alternate colors to  create your stripe pattern.   


Start in the upper corner of a white cardstock sheet and press the edge of the square into the cardstock. Drag down the length of your paper making sure not to pause (it will cause blotching).  You can get about 2 passes out of each inking. 


Once you have striped the entire sheet of white cardstock length wise (it should take 5-6 passes), rotate your paper and re-ink your wipes again. Now do the same steps and ink your paper width wise to create the plaid pattern (6 or 7 passes). 
 Let the paper dry for a few minutes. 
TIP: Hit your paper with a heat gun to speed up the drying process.


 TA-DA! You have just made your own DIY one-of-a-kind paper!
You can use this technique with any colors you would like. Create stripes, plaids, chevrons and much more!
When your paper has dried completely, cut out a rectangle for your shirt base (4 inches by 5 ¼ inches). Attach this piece to a regular A4 sized piece of cardstock in a coordinating color (I used lime green). You will need your remaining plaid paper to cut out your pocket and your shirt collar.

To cut the shirt pocket, rotate your paper to make the plaid run in a different direction than your shirt. This will add interest to the card, and is how real plaid shirt pockets look. 
Cut a section of the plaid paper in a 3 inch strip. On the back of the paper, draw a line down the center of the pocket. Next, draw two lines diagonally to meet at your center line. This will form the V for the bottom of the pocket.
Cut out the pocket and attached it to another piece of solid cardstock. I added some stitching with a black marker and pushed through two coordinating brads in the corners to finish off the pocket. To create a gift card pocket I used my Glue Glider Pro and only adhered the two sides and bottom of the pocket. DO NOT ADHERE the top of the pocket.




To create the shirt collar, cut a piece of the remaining scrap paper about 3 ½ inches long.  Make sure you are cutting the plaid at a different angle than the shirt base, just like you did for the pocket. Attach the collar to another piece of cardstock and added black stitching detail. I taped the collar onto the card with a piece of tape from underneath.
That is that! Although it seems like this project is hard and I know the directions are a bit long, but truly, it’s easy! 
I hope you enjoyed the technique and make sure to stock up on all the products for this project now at Craft-e-Corner! Use coupon code EXTRA10 to save 10% off your entire order through June10, 2013.
Products Used:
Baby Wipes


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