Monday, August 19, 2013

Cricut Breaking News! What Are Your Thoughts?

Cricut is making it easier than ever to use their cartridges! The new universal keypad overlay offers a consistent, simple format for all cartridges launched after August 1, 2013. 

Going forward, you’ll only have to learn, organize, and store one overlay, instead of a specific overlay for every cartridge. Eliminating cartridge-specific overlays also enables Cricut to make the cartridge packaging smaller, keeping cartridges at an affordable price point. Less packaging is also more environmentally friendly.

 This move to a universal keypad overlay reflects Cricut's larger commitment to creating the easiest-to-use cutting machines and cartridges on the market. They will continue to innovate to make being creative even easier for you!

Here is a sample of what the new overlay will look like...

...and here is what the cartridge cases will look like! They are half the size, and so cute and tiny!

So  let's hear it...

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  1. Call me old school, but I love the look of the old cartridge boxes. Im sure I'll get use to the new box look and the universal keypad. Once I get use to it, I think I'll admit that its a good idea lol. No need to pay extra for more packaging lol.

    Peace, Love, & Cricut Hugs!
    Monica L.

  2. Confusing. Not all cartridges have the same functions. How does the guide fit in that little box

  3. It will take some getting use to but I think it will all work out. I am just not sure how many more cartridges they can come up with. They are already repeating cuts from one cart to the next. I feel like Crafty Moni, I like old school...


  4. Sounds good but every cartridge is different so how is that going to work,is there a tutorial on how to use this I am some time confused using some of the cartridges so I'd like to see how this is going to work. Thanks

  5. Does it need new replacement? Would like to see a video showing it in use

  6. How do you get the new overlay? I'm assuming that it wouldn't be in that small box. I also wonder about the cartridge guide. Will they still be including those?
    Best of luck with selling these new cartridges. I hope retailers benefit from the new design.

  7. It really doesn't matter to me one way or the other. As long as I get my cartridge and I can figure out the overlay, that's all that matters to me. I think it is great that they are looking for an easier way to do things and trying to create less waste as well. Kudos to Cricut for trying to be environmentally friendly.

  8. To answer a few of the questions about how you would get the overlay into the small box, My understanding is that you will initially have to purchase the overlay and then you will have it. The cost is not very much either.

  9. I do not like the new pkg....It is missing the instruction book that always had atleast one good idea

  10. I have seen the new cartridges, I like them they are compact and easy to store. I have not purchased one but I will soon!

  11. I just got 2 of the new cartridges. The new instruction booklet is just a series of pictures for each numbers key. for the Simple Holiday Cards, it is easy to figure out (no written instructions or samples like the older booklets). Not sure what the xx" is referring to as no explanation in booklet or on website. I am assuming finished card size - is that the number we use to set size on our Cricut?
    The other cartridge - Creative Holiday Cards, the booklet is more confusing and it still only uses the #key + F1. I can't wait to see how the show using F2 thru F6 and shift keys. A better explanation in the "Intro the New Universal Keypad Overlay" with examples would be extremely helpful.