Thursday, September 26, 2013

"It Just Won't Be the Same Without U" Card Tutorial and GIVEAWAY using Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Sketch Pens!

Hey everyone!  Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  I apologize for the lack of posts recently- I promise to get back to a regular schedule!  You may have noticed a few changes happening so I wanted to write a post to clear the air.  Abbey (our marketing, social medial & customer service rep) has had some changes come her way and she has decided to go down a new career path. We are really sad to see her go, but hope she enjoys her new life adventure.  We wish her nothing but the best!

With Abbey moving on, I have taken over our social media.  I wanted to formally introduce myself so you know a little more about “the person behind the posts.”  My name is Kala and I have been at Craft-e-Corner for just over a year.  You have likely heard my name and even seen several of my projects already.  At work you will find me doing customer service, some things in our warehouse, and a little of everything in between.   I’m also a mother of two and have been crafting all my life.  I am a jack-of-all-trades kind of crafter and get into just about every craft I can get my hands on.  I hope to inspire you to try new things by sharing my projects with you!  When I’m not at work or crafting, I enjoy being outdoors and you’ll find me off hiking or taking photos any chance I can get!  

 So!  Should we get into a tutorial today?  I made this card for Abbey to say goodbye and I wanted to show you how I made it.  I used my Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Sketch Pens, but you could HONESTLY make this with any crafting machine or even just using letter stickers!  Take this idea and make it your own!  Let's get started...

Create an 8 ½ by 11 box on your Silhouette screen to make the card base.  I split this box into two cards, but if you are only going to make one card, you can adjust the size. Once I sectioned off my screen, I picked a font (I used the font called “Handwritten”) and typed out the alphabet in all capital letters in 50 point font on the right side of my cards (the right side will end up being the front of your card).  Once I had all my letters typed, I opened the Line Color Window and picked out the colors I wanted my letters to be sketched out in, this will help you see what your card will look like when it's finished and tell you what color sketch pen to put in next.  

Once you have picked all the colors for your letters, click on your sectional lines and delete them.  



Next, select ALL the letters at once by dragging a selection box around everything while using the select tool. Now hold down the shift key and click on just the letters you want to draw out.

Next, hit the delete key to remove all the other letters.  Put in your first color sketch pen and then select “Send to Cameo” to draw out your first set of letters. Below, on the left is what your software screen should look like and on the right is what your card will look like after the Cameo draws.  (Note: I forgot the W in my example card here, but was able to go back and add it later!)

When you are done sketching out your letters, do NOT unload your mat, just let it stay in there so your letters will all line up.

Next, click the "Undo" button so all your letters will come back up on the screen.  Reselect the letters you drew out and then deselect the next set.  Make sure you delete the letters you don't want to draw each time or your machine will draw them out again!  Keep repeating this process until you have all your letters drawn out.  (TIP! Make sure you put the cap back on your sketch pen once you are done using it to keep it fresh!)

The letter U in this card is actually cut out so you will need to switch our your sketch pen for your blade and cut this letter out last.

To finish up your cards, click the undo button until you dashed line and the section lines come back up.  You might have to hit undo quite a few times, but they will eventually come back again. Make sure you delete all your letters and then select "Send to Cameo" to get the card pieces to cut out.  If you would rather use a paper trimmer and a bone folder for this, you can skip this step.

To finish up this card I typed out "It just won't be the same without U" on the inside of the card.  I stuck my split card pieces back onto my mat and had the sketch pens draw it out.

 Now the card is complete! 

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  Please give it a try and let me know how it turns out!

 Do you like this card and would you like to WIN one?  Since I made two cards during this tutorial, and only gave one away, I have an extra!  Leave a comment below (any comment will do!) and I will mail out my extra card to one person chosen using a random number generator!  Good luck!

If you have any questions or need any clarification on the steps, just let me know!

Happy Crafting!


  1. How fun! Looks like I might need some sketch pens!

  2. Welcome Kala. I've always been a Cricut gal. But I just received my Silhouette Cameo for my birthday yesterday. Can't wait to get it up and running, and figuring out all the many things I can do with it, using my computer. Thanks for the tutorial. I'll let you know how things progress.

  3. I always love getting cards from other crafters.

  4. Wow! Love the card! I really appreciate the tutorials. I am a new silhouette owner and I haven't gotten the sketch pens yet!

  5. Kala,
    Your right, this card can be made without special machine and using decals. I love KISS (keep it simple stupid), because the cost of sending cards keep getting so expensive. I neither machine or pens but would love to win either one or the card. Thank you for the chance to win goodies. ~ Josie

  6. That is really a neat card our CFO is retiring in January after 21 years that would be so cool. Ruth at lake in Texas