Using the Versa tool To Wood Burn an Heirloom Family Keepsake

Today we have a guest blogger, please welcome Kristin from Wife of Whimsey!

Kristin recently used her Creative Versa Tool Kit to wood burn a favorite recipe onto a cutting board to make a special present for her Mom:

This special gift turned out beautiful and is an instant family keepsake for sure!  Read on to see how she did it!

First you’ll need to gather your supplies.

You will need:
Creative Versa Tool
Lead Pencils or Tracing Paper
Wooden Cutting Board or Wood Plaque (available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes!)
A photo copy of your favorite recipe

Take a photo copy of your favorite recipe so you can trace it onto your cutting board without ruining your original recipe.  You may need to enlarge or shrink your recipe to best fit your cutting board.  Kristin copied a coveted cake recipe her Grandmother had written out.


Turn your recipe copy over and use a pencil to cover the back of the paper with lead.  You can use tracing paper for this step as well. Cover your entire recipe with a dark layer of lead…

Next tape your recipe against your cutting board.  Adhere your recipe with a bit of tape, just to hold it in place.  A piece at the top and bottom helps make sure your recipe will not shift as you trace.

Now take a ball point pen and carefully trace the letters.  This will transfer your recipe to your cutting board.

Make sure your entire recipe transfers before you remove the copy.  You can faintly see the transferred recipe here:

Next, Kristin took the fine point wood burning tip and her Versa tool and wood burned over the traced letters.  Keep a steady hand and move the tip along so you do not leave deep burned grooves.  Be careful- the tip gets really hot!

Trace your entire recipe and use an eraser to remove any stray pencil marks that may be left behind.  How neat did this turn out?

Kristin did not seal the board after wood burning and would advise to either use this as a display piece only or to cut the opposite side of the board from the wood burning to preserve the recipe.

This is such a special gift- Kristin’s mom was beside herself when she received this!  I am sure it will look stunning in her kitchen!

The Versa tool is really neat!  There are many different tips that you can use to do so many different projects.  You can use it as a hot knife to carve foam pumpkins, use it to craft leather, solder or even to do encaustic art- many possibilities!

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I’d like to give a big thank you to Kristin for dropping by as a guest blogger today!  Make sure you pop by her page and give her a big Craft-e-Corner “HI!” for me!

What recipe would you add to a cutting board?


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