Which Cameo Bundle Should YOU Choose?

The Silhouette Cameo is an awesome machine!  You can do so much with it from paper crafting to working with vinyl and much, much more!

We have a LOT of Cameo bundles available.  One  question we hear a lot is “Which Cameo bundle should I choose?”  To help you pick, I’ve broken down what’s included in each bundle, below!

(in no particular order)


 Cameo + Heat Transfer

The Cameo + Heat Transfer Kit is perfect if you’d like to get started with heat transfer material.  With heat transfer, you can make your own shirts, accessories and more.  The heat transfer kit includes 3 sheets of smooth heat transfer material (black, teal & dark pink), 2 sheets of flocked (fuzzy) heat transfer (white & yellow), a hook tool, and download card. Find heat transfer inspiration here: DIY Coloring Book Shirts

Cameo + Rhinestone Starter Kit

The Cameo + Rhinestone Starter Kit is great if you want to learn how to use your machine with rhinestones.   The Rhinestone Starter Kit comes with 2 sheets of rhinestone template material, 2 backing boards, 2 transfer tape sheets and 200 each of 10ss clear, black and pink rhinestones!  Add rhinestones from shirts, hats & more.

Cameo + Adhesive Kit

 The Cameo + Adhesive Kit is great if you want to add some glitter to your projects.  Perfect for home decor or cardmaking!  The adhesive kit includes 6 sheets of double sided adhesive sheets, 3 different colors of glitter, 3 colors of flocking powder, spatula, brush and designs.  Get some double sided adhesive inspiration here: Some Bunny Loves You Card

Cameo + Vinyl Starter Kit

 Are you interested in using your Cameo with vinyl?  This is the perfect bundle for you!  The Vinyl Starter Kit comes with 4 different colors of vinyl, transfer paper, a hook and a scraper.  This is a great way to get some different colors of vinyl and learn how to work with it before investing in a whole roll.  Click here for some vinyl inspiration: Garden Flower Pot, Faux stamped washer necklace and Peeps Easter Charger

Cameo + Fabric Ink Kit

If you’re interested in getting started with Fabric Ink, the Cameo + Fabric Ink Kit is right for you.  Make your own personalized t-shirts, bags, hats, baby onsies and more! The Fabric Ink Kit includes 2 oz of fabric ink, 3 feet stencil vinyl and transfer tape, a hook, mixing tray, sponge and more.

Cameo + Designer Edition Software

The Cameo + Designer Edition software is the bundle I always recommend if you are looking to make your own designs.  The Designer Edition software is an upgrade to the basic software that comes stock with the machine.  The Designer Edition allows you to use SVG files and use layers. You also have advanced erase & knife features, have sketch & rhinestone conversion tools and can use the nesting feature.  This is a MUST HAVE if you are a designer!

Cameo + Metallic Sketch Pens + Quick Pick Up Stick

Are you interested in sketching with your Cameo?  Replace your blade with the Metallic Sketch Pens and draw instead of cut.  Also included in this bundle is the Quickstick Pick Me Up Tool.  This handy tool has a sticky end that helps picking up small embellishments like rhinestones.  Find some sketch pen inspiration here: Back to Basics: Sketching

Cameo + Stamper Bundle

If you’re into stamping then you’ll love the Cameo + Stamper Bundle!  This bundle has a gray dust cover, 123 Stamp DVD to cover stamping basics, a full set of Megan Elizabeth Ink Edgerz, a full roll of stamp material and a the stamp cutting mat!  Make your own stamps in no time!


Cameo + 2 rolls of vinyl, 4 tools

Have you seen vinyl projects just about everywhere you look and want to give your hand a try?  This is the bundle for you!  2 full rolls of vinyl plus all the tools you need to work with detailed cuts!


Cameo + Blade & Mat

The Cameo + Blade & Mat combo is a great bundle whether you’re just planning on crafting for fun or if you have a business plan set up or anywhere in between.  You’ll eventually need another blade and mat, and this bundle has you covered!  You will have two blades and two mats, so you’ll always have a backup!

Cameo + 4 tools & $25 download card

 The Cameo + 4 tools and $25 download card is one of our most popular bundles!  If you’re don’t want to design your own images and would really like to work with premade designs, the $25 download card will get you started with images from the Silhouette Design Store.  With all the tools you need to work with all types of materials, this is a great starter bundle!

Cameo + Card Maker Bundle

The Cameo + Card Marker Bundle is great for beginner card markers to advanced!  This bundle includes the 123 Cards DVD that is full of tips and ideas for cards, a set of Megan Elizabeth Chipboard stickers, a 12″ PixScan Mat and a pack of corrugated cardboard.

Cameo + Drawing bundle

The Cameo + Drawing bundle is great if you’d like to use your machine to draw.  Replace your blade with the sketch pens and sketch away!  This bundle also includes white sticker paper to make your own stickers, a dust cover, spatula and the Silhouette pen holder.  With the Silhouette Pen Holder, you can use any writing utensil from a #2 pencil to Sharpies and more! Find some sketching inspiration here: “It Just Won’t Be the Same Without U” Card, Graduation Zipper Pull Card

Cameo + Heat and fabric transfer bundle

Want to use your Cameo to cut fabric?  Pick up the Cameo + Heat and Fabric transfer bundle.  This bundle includes a fabric blade, Clean Cut and Sewable heat transfer fabric interfacing, a 12×24″ cutting mat and two rolls of heat transfer material!  With this bundle you can design your own shirts, cut fabric with your Cameo and a 12×24″ mat.  Don’t think you’ll cut anything 24″ long?  Think of it as two 12″ mats stuck together! Get heat transfer inspiration here: Summer Heat Transfer Project

Cameo + Tweed Tote

Are you the type to back up your crafting and go to a cropped?  Do you travel?  Would you like a place to store your machine, laptop and crafting materials?  The Cameo + Tweed Tote is for you!  This bundle is great if you like to take your crafts with you.  Securely hold your Cameo and your laptop, plus lots of crafting supplies and paper!

Disclaimer:  Bundles may change or be discontinued at any time without notice.  This information may not be the most up to date.  Please see website for current prices and bundle information.  

I hope you found this information helpful!  Of course we’re always here to help if you have questions or need more help picking the right bundle for you!

 Which Cameo Bundle would YOU pick?  We are constantly adding NEW Cameo bundles, check them all out here: Silhouette Cameo Machine Bundles

33 Replies to “Which Cameo Bundle Should YOU Choose?”

  1. Hi Kala!
    Along with everyone else, I too am not sure which bundle to purchase. My sister and I are definitely wanting to make shirts and we already have a heat press. My husband also wants to do some woodwork projects that I can put sayings on. I’d really like to use it for many different projects like signs or other kinds of things I can make for gifts once I learn how to use it. So, could you point me in the right direction? I’d appreciate it greatly!!

    Kelsey Harrison says:
    1. Hi Kelsey,
      We have so many great bundles, but I know how it can be overwhelming if you’re not sure where to get started! There are a few that I think you would really like – the best one being this one: http://www.craft-e-corner.com/silhouette-cameo-3-machine-bundle-59-ultimate-mega-kit-bundle-htv-vinyl-diy-chalk.html?___SID=U – it has a bit of everything in it- plenty of heat transfer for shirts (glitter and smooth), vinyl for signs or decals, sketch pens to draw instead of cut, the full tool kit, chalk kit, fabric kit, rhinestone kit- really it’s a “well rounded” bundle and you get a LOT for your money.

      If you wanted to go with a slightly smaller bundle, this one would be great- http://www.craft-e-corner.com/silhouette-cameo-3-machine-bundle-42-glitter-heat-transfer-vinyl-htv-designs-adhesive-backed-vinyl-designs-tools.html This one has heat transfer and some tools, and regular vinyl too.

      I don’t think you can go wrong with any of our bundles, you always get so much more for your money with a bundle!

      Hope this helps!

      Kala says:
  2. Hello! I wanting to buy a Silhouette Cameo 3 bundle. I’m just not sure what to get. I want a starter kit that has a little bit of it all….HTV, decal vinyl, tools, sketch pens, etc. Can you please help!

    Lauren says:
  3. Hello, I am interested in purchasing a cameo 3 but I am unsure of which bundle to buy! I plan on using it for mostly vinyl and paper projects. Is there a certain bundle you would recommend for that?

    Abigayle says:
    1. Hi Abigayle!
      We have lots of bundles to pick from but not one yet that specifically is for paper crafting. I would then go for more vinyl and tools and sketch pens (which you can also use for paper projects). The best bundle for this would be bundle 21 (http://www.craft-e-corner.com/silhouette-cameo-3-machine-bundle-21-sketch-pen-pack-guide-25-colors-vinyl-silhouette-tool-kit-designs.html). This bundle gets you lots of vinyl (25 sheets!) with transfer paper, a full pack of sketch pens, the Silhouette tool kit and designs for vinyl with projects and inspiration, and the Help for DIY Vinyl Projects book. This bundle gets you started with the vinyl and then you also have the sketch pens for your paper projects!

      Hope this helps!

      Kala says:
  4. Hi. I want a cameo 3 to:
    1. Make reusable stencils
    2. Vinyl in tshirts
    3. Vinyl on wood and cuos
    Fabric cutting

    Which bundle would you recommend?

    Jessica says:
    1. Hi Jessica,
      There are a few you can look at! Bundle 36 has vinyl for wood signs and glitter vinyl for shirts.
      34 has vinyl for signs as well and smooth vinyl for shirts.

      Or bundle 5 is what I call our “Jack of all trades bundle” – which has a pack of vinyl for signs, a sheet of heat transfer so you can do a shirt or two, some sketch pens, black fabric ink, glass etching materials, and some paper rhinestones. This is nice to try everything out and see what you like and then you can get more of whatever you are interested in.

      Hope this helps!

      Kala says:
  5. Hi! I am interested in getting a Cameo to make shirts, stickers, signs, and more.
    Like many others, I am overwhelmed by he choices and not sure which cameo or bundle would be best.
    I do know that I would like a heat press.

    Michelle says:
    1. Hi Michelle,
      We have several bundles with heat transfer- check out Bundles 31,34.36!
      If you’d like more help, please give me a call at 1-800-236-3877


      Kala says:
  6. I currently handpainted wine glasses and would like to add vinyl , as I’ve saw awesome wine glasses done with vinyl. I want to buy a machine and my research has led me to a silhouette (rather than cricut)I would also like to do wood signs with the Silhouette. So my question is …Which silhouette Cameo 3 bundle to buy?

    Angela Bunch says:
    1. Hi Angela-
      The Cameo 3 is a great machine- I think I would recommend bundle 23 for you (http://www.craft-e-corner.com/silhouette-cameo-3-machine-bundle-23-vinyl-starter-bundle-25-sheets-vinyl-transfer-paper-guide-tool-kit-vinyl-designs-pixscan-mat.html) as it’s got the vinyl you need for signs and you could use it as a stencil on glasses!

      Hope this helps!

      Kala says:
  7. I just want to make stencils for painting. What should I get?

    MARLA WILSON says:
    1. I use vinyl as a stencil, so any bundle that has vinyl would be great for painting. If you wanted to use the same stencils over and over, you could get stencil material, but we don’t have any bundles with the stencil materials.

      Kala says:
  8. Looking into getting a Cameo 3 to make decals for auto, PC, cups, etc. I think it’s the vinyl kit but would appreciate input.

    Dee says:

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